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To the top of huangshan mountain valley organic food co., LTD To the top of huangshan mountain valley organic food co., LTD. Is located in has so far2200Calendar of the national famous historical and cultural city——Rapidly,Is located in the beautiful national nature reserve of cool and refreshing at the foot of the peak,Be famous writer yu dafu、Lin yutang as“Small east Switzerland”。   Company is located in the rapidly SanYang Town pit,Rapidly is the government investment projects。The company registered capital2700Ten thousand yuan,It happened“Three YangJinQuan”“The cool wind”Natural mineral water、“Valley and generous”Tea brands such as complete intellectual property rights。The company mainly produces natural drinking mineral water and valley organic agricultural products(Valley natural tea、Wild pecan、Wild pecan oil、Huangshan, and so on),The tea、Nuts、Pecan oil and other agricultural special products for organic product certification of China quality certification center,The company throughISO9001:2008Quality management system certification...
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2017The international conference on health drinking water Huangshan three YangJinQuan won four gold medal tea connoisseurs water competition,Low deuterium water become innovative industry Drink of water,Drink water,Is essential for health。2017Years4Month16Day,By the China national health...

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