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  • “Guangzhou poison to contend”Team to woman QiangJie public speaking“Guangzhou poison to contend”Team to woman QiangJie public speaking
  • Guangdong acquisitive method punishment defendant lawyer teamGuangdong acquisitive method punishment defendant lawyer team

Hung chung lawyer tree Bachelor of law, zhengzhou university Criminal law of China university of politics and law graduate students Guangdong guangxin JunDa partner at law firm、 The executive committee、Criminal a secretary of the guangdong acquisitive method punishment debate team leader spark lawyer team co-founder、Economic criminal defense committee under the all China lawyers association, director of the guangdong guangzhou economic crime criminal committee under the all China lawyers association member, guangdong province, the first batch of criminal defense lawyers library law economic law institute, vice President of guangzhou college of south China university of technology guangzhou guangzhou joint mentor the franco-prussian volunteers association deputy secretary-general long guangzhou bureau of hundreds of public welfare expert lawyer guangzhou TongXing volunteer group male under the rule of law...In more detail>>

Guangzhou woman QiangJie The drug!Once the contract,Such as the evil spirit! This year6·26,Is the first32A international day,“Guangzhou poison to contend”The team,To implement of public responsibility,In guangdong guangxin JunDa partner at law firm tree hung chung lawyer、Guangdong state law firms, senior partner at the clock and the lawyer、The cubic of Beijing(Guangzho)Under the leadership of lawyers glaire b,Into the guangzhou women's compulsory rehabilitation centers。Through their handling of the case,To clarify the harm,Encourage students to cherish life、Cherish the family、Stay away from drugs! The status quo:The national population of drug use240Wan,Young people accounted for an absolute majority According to the national anti-drug office released recently《2018Years...In more detail>>

Guangdong acquisitive method punishment debate focused on drug defense lawyer team Guangdong acquisitive method punishment defendant lawyer team,Core team members of the most original works in commercial &examination &legal departments,Has a solid theoretical basis for criminal cases,And has rich working experience,Team division of labor cooperation,For more complex cases,The team made many lawyers defense plan,For difficult criminal cases,Lawyer team regularly seminar for cases and expert consultation,Maximize the legitimate interests of the parties,In recent years, a lawyer to deal with a group of the ministry of public security supervisory team、Of the impact of national big case,Also do a batch of reduced、No arrest、Will not be charged、No criminal punishment of criminal cases,Even in some cases directly to the court acquitted,By the parties...In more detail>>

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